How many buyers are looking for multi-family houses in your area?

There are over 50,000 qualified prospective buyers registered on Crowdhouse. Find out how many of them are looking for multi-family houses in your region.

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4,394 prospects identified

Simply enter your address and find out the number of potential buyers for your apartment building.

Free of charge & discreet

The identification of prospective buyers is free of charge and absolutely non-binding. Your data will be treated with the utmost care and will never be disclosed to third parties.

Current data

Your request is determined in real time and matched with current data from our database. In addition, new prospective buyers register daily on

Immediate result

Immediately after submitting the form, you can view the exact number of prospective buyers for multi-family houses in your region.

Developed for investment properties

On our platform only qualified prospective buyers for investment properties such as multi-family houses are registered.

Are you looking into selling your property?

Crowdhouse offers you several options for selling your property.

Lowest fees

Sell independently

You publish your property exclusively on our platform

  • Large buyer network

    Access to 50,000 solvent buyers

  • Fixed price or bidding procedure

    Step by step on the platform

  • Low selling costs

    Direct sale without broker fees

No fees for a limited time

Thereafter platform-fee 0.5% of the sale price from the buyer at closing

Sell yourself

Highest security

Sell to Crowdhouse

We guarantee the acceptance of your property - you lean back.

  • High plannability and speed

    On time at the agreed fixed price

  • High transaction security

    Deposit and conscience money as a guarantee

  • Without cost and effort for you

    Buyer takes over fee

Transaction fee will be charged by Crowdhouse in full to the buyer.

Sell to Crowdhouse

Maximum selling price

Mandate Crowdhouse

We sell your property – you decide how

  • Professional handling

    Best possible price for your property

  • Fixed price or bidding

    You decide, we do the rest

  • No effort for you

    We take care of everything for you - from A to Z

Brokerage fee up to 3% of the sales price from the buyer or seller at the time of closing

Mandate Crowdhouse

Successfully sold

Selection of investment properties brokered through us.

We are here for you

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