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You have mandates for investment properties? You can find the right buyers through our platform.

  • Get access to over 50'000 verified prospective buyers
  • Advertise and sell independently completely online
  • Use our platform free of charge for a short time

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Crowdhouse offers you the opportunity to significantly expand your buyer network and efficiently sell income properties online.

Sell faster

  • Digital sales process from A to Z

  • Create advertisements in 5 minutes

  • Manage inquiries, viewings and purchase offers completely online

Generate more sales

  • Over 50'000 verified buyers

  • Constantly growing buyer network

  • Sell by fixed price or bidding process to suit the property

Sell discreetly

  • Closed platform

  • Sales status visible at all times

  • Digital confidentiality agreement for prospective buyers

Customer testimonials

Georges and Zheni Luks from Sotheby's International Realty talk about their experience with Crowdhouse.

Successfully sold

To date, over 200 apartment buildings and commercial properties worth more than CHF 2 billion have been successfully sold through our platform.

Frequently asked questions

Crowdhouse specializes exclusively in the purchase and sale of income-producing real estate. This includes multi-family houses, building land, commercial properties as well as projects in completion. Single apartments as well as detached or semi-detached houses can unfortunately not be offered.

Crowdhouse is the Swiss transaction platform especially for investment properties. You can offer your clients’ properties on many online portals on the Internet – but only through Crowdhouse will your offer meet over 50’000 verified prospective buyers. In addition, you can optimally market yield properties through us, efficiently manage all interested parties and handle the sale completely online.

No. Crowdhouse only provides the use of the sales platform (software) for owners, brokers and prospective buyers. The communication and the sale finally takes place directly between owner or broker and prospective buyer.

Interested parties contact you directly via our platform. There, a chat function is available to prospective buyers, as well as the contact options you have provided.

A deletion of your advertisement is possible at any time. This simply requires a short message to either your personal contact or our customer support.

If you have any questions or problems, your personal contact or our customer support will be happy to help you.

In principle, a tenant list, an excerpt from the land register and meaningful pictures of the property are required for the creation of an advertisement.

In the case of brokers, the corresponding broker’s mandate is also required for verification. However, any commission agreement can be blacked out.

Crowdhouse was launched in 2016 as a pure crowdfunding platform for income properties. For the first time, buyers were thus able to acquire yield real estate jointly in co-ownership via a Swiss online platform. Over the course of time, however, there was an additional increase in customer demand for yield real estate to be acquired in the classic sole purchase as well. For this reason, the offer was expanded in 2018 and, in addition to real estate co-ownership, real estate in sole ownership was now also offered.

To make the purchase and sale of yield real estate even easier, the platform was opened to everyone in 2021. Since then, private owners, brokers, general contractors as well as architects can independently offer and sell yield properties directly via Crowdhouse. To facilitate the start for our customers as well as partners and to get to know the advantages risk-free, we offer the use of our platform free of charge for a certain period of time.

No. There are no hidden costs or other obligations.

Among other things, Crowdhouse earns money through the successful brokerage of income properties in sole as well as co-ownership. However, these are properties that are independently acquired by Crowdhouse, checked and offered in the name of Crowdhouse. Properties which are offered directly by the owner or broker on our platform are excluded from this.