Mandate Crowdhouse with the sale

We are specialized in the brokerage of investment properties. We are happy to take on the sale of your property as an exclusive mandate.

  • Sell at the best possible market price
  • No effort for you as a seller
  • For real estate according to our mandate criteria
  • Sale by bidding or at a fixed price
Kaufen Sie ein Mehrfamilienhaus im Kanton Zürich, wie dieses in Oberengstringen am Kirchweg 127, welches im Alleineigentum verkauft wurde.


No effort

Crowdhouse takes over the complete transaction effort for you until the successful completion of the transfer of ownership.


Fixed price or bidding procedure

You decide whether you prefer to sell your property at a fixed price or with our automated bidding process.


Verified buyers

Your property is only visible on our marketplace to verified prospective buyers in exchange for a confidentiality agreement.

Successfully sold

Selection of investment properties brokered through us.

How it works

From the inspection of your property to the transfer of ownership.

Start valuation

Of course free of charge and without obligation


We are happy to examine any type of investment property. The following criteria are of particular interest to us.

No homes, villas, cottages, courtyards, individual apartments or floors. We broker exclusively multi-family houses and commercial properties.

Properties in good micro-locations within attractive macro-locations in German-speaking Switzerland. These also include up-and-coming B and C locations with potential.

We broker properties provided that the realization of the desired purchase price is realistic and within the scope of our professional market value assessment.

Residential properties of 6 units or more with a commercial component of less than 20% and commercial properties with long-term anchor tenants.

New and old buildings in both renovated and non-renovated condition with adequate pricing of any maintenance costs.

The purchase price for your property ideally ranges between CHF 3 and CHF 15 million.

Still have questions?

Our experts will be happy to answer them personally at any time.