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  • 4 - 6% return per year
  • Monthly payouts
  • Tangible real estate ownership
  • From CHF 100'000 equity

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Tangible real estate ownership

Starting at CHF 100'000

According to the amount of your investment, you will be entered proportionately in the land register. The property is thus officially in your partial ownership.

Without effort

professional management

We take over the management of tenants as well as the sustainable management of your property and inform you with status reports.

Monthly returns

Directly to your bank account

Your return on rental income is distributed to you monthly and transferred directly to your bank account.

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Your personal customer advisor will help you with all the formalities surrounding the transfer of ownership. Even afterwards, he/she will be at your side at all times as your personal contact for all matters.

Generate revenue

After the transfer of ownership, you will receive your share from the rental income every month. So that you don’t have to worry about anything, we take over the professional management of your property.

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Investing successfully in real estate

As long-term investments, real estate is an attractive alternative to other asset classes. On the one hand, they are characterized solely by their high stability of value, which has proven its worth especially in times of crisis as well as in times of high inflation. In addition, income-producing real estate generates regular, constant and calculable income in the form of monthly rental income.

With the Crowdhouse co-ownership model, you can benefit from these advantages with comparatively little money and become a registered co-owner of a Swiss income property. The big advantage: Your investment is spread over several apartments and is thus automatically diversified. The returns are distributed monthly and transferred directly to your bank account. Crowdhouse takes care of the management and administration of the property, so there is no additional effort for you.

Financial requirements for investing in real estate

How much money is needed to invest in real estate depends on the form of investment you choose. For an investment in real estate co-ownership through Crowdhouse, the minimum investment amount is CHF 100,000. 

If, on the other hand, you would like to buy an apartment building on your own, the amount of equity you need to invest depends largely on its size and purchase price. Learn more about buying alone here.

What is the best way to invest in real estate?

Already with an investment of at least CHF 100,000, one can benefit from the advantages of directly held real estate. Investors can also invest smaller amounts in different properties in different regions. By spreading investment money over several properties, possible risks can be minimized.

Forms of investment in real estate in Switzerland

Basically, there are two categories of investments in real estate: direct and indirect real estate investments.

Direct real estate investments

Direct real estate investments include the classic sole purchase of real estate (entire apartment building), investments in co-ownership as well as condominium ownership (individual apartment/s for rent).

In the case of direct investments in real estate, the investor effectively owns the real estate. This means that he is registered in the land register and participates directly in the value development of the real estate as well as in the rental income.

Indirect real estate investments

Indirect real estate investments include real estate shares and real estate funds.

In contrast, an investor in indirect real estate investments does not own the property – he participates in the property through a separate legal entity (e.g. fund). Accordingly, the investor does not have any right of co-determination.

What are investments in real estate under co-ownership? 

Under Swiss law, co-ownership is a type of joint ownership of a thing or property. In the co-ownership model, therefore, several buyers or investors acquire one or more properties jointly. As a result, all co-owners are registered in the land register with their respective share and have a direct right of co-determination.

Investing in real estate together or acquiring real estate together is not new. In the meantime, so-called crowdinvesting (often also called crowdfunding) has become very popular worldwide.

What happens if I need the capital again?

If you need your capital again before the mortgage expires, Crowdhouse offers its own secondary market where you can sell your share quickly at market price. 

Why should you invest in a rental property?

Real estate is a long-term investment, has a high stability of value and generates regular, constant and predictable income in the form of rental income. This makes them an attractive alternative to other asset classes.

Investing in real estate for rent is worthwhile if you want to invest your investment capital over the medium to long term. When you invest in real estate co-ownership through Crowdhouse, we take over the complete property management for the respective property – so you benefit from the advantages of a direct real estate investment without the additional effort.

This is how you can easily invest in real estate online

On our platform, we regularly offer you new properties to invest in. In addition to investing in co-owned real estate, you can also purchase apartment buildings in the classic sole purchase. Register here to get access to all properties and their extensive documentation. The co-ownership model is designed for investors who want to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership without the hassle.