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Selling investment property: what you should know

An investment property is a property that is intended to generate a positive return. The focus is on generating income. As the owner of the property, you generate this income by renting out the property. You do not use or occupy the property yourself, but rent it out to third parties.

A return is only generated if the annual rental income is higher than the expenses for the property. Current expenses include, for example, renovation costs, management costs and interest on any mortgage. The purchase price of the property as well as the ancillary purchase costs are to be recorded as non-recurring costs. The aim of an income property is to pay the mortgage interest and other running costs through the income from renting and then to generate surpluses or a profit. An income property can thus be used for capital appreciation or as passive income.

Selling an investment property: Price determination

To determine a realistic selling price for your income property, you should have a market value appraisal performed. Different valuation methods can be used for a market value estimate. Since the yield is usually the most important factor for the buyer of an investment property, the capitalized earnings value method is usually used to determine the value.

For more on real estate appraisal and the different methods, see the real estate appraisal blog article.

Taxes and fees when you sell an income property

When you sell your income property, you may incur the following taxes and fees:

  • Notary and land registry fees for income properties: regulated by canton, usually borne equally by buyer and seller.
  • Real estate transfer tax for investment properties: the amount or existence of this tax depends on the canton; it is levied on the sale.
  • Real estate profit tax for investment properties: depends on the holding period of the investment property as well as the amount of the realized profit.

Sale of an income property through us

You can sell these investment properties to us

We are looking for income properties in the German-speaking part of Switzerland that meet the following criteria:

  • Interesting location in German-speaking Switzerland
  • From 6 units
  • From approx. CHF 5 million
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation income properties, commercial properties, approved or under construction real estate projects, building land

You can sell these income properties yourself via our platform

You can sell income properties that meet the following criteria yourself via our platform:

  • From approx. CHF 1 million market value
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation investment properties, commercial properties, approved or under construction real estate projects, building land.

You can let us sell these income properties for you

You can let us sell your investment property that meets the following criteria:

  • From approx. CHF 3 million market value
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation investment property, commercial property, approved real estate projects or projects under
  • construction as well as building land.

In addition, these criteria should be largely met:

  • Attractive macro and micro location of the investment property
  • The condition of the investment property is suitable for its purpose
  • Suitable size of the investment property
  • Reasonable sales price of the investment property