Verified buyers

All buyers are verified by us in advance. Only after successful identification as well as the submission of a confidentiality agreement can interested parties see details about your property.


Fixed price or bidding

Decide how you want to sell your property. Determine a fixed selling price or let interested parties bid for your property online via our platform.


Digital processes

Manage your listings, inquiries, viewing appointments and purchase offers completely online. Our platform guides you through every single step.


For owners and brokers

Our marketplace is equally open to owners, real estate agents as well as commercial sellers for the sale of income properties.

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Selection of sold properties

To date, investment properties worth more than EUR 2 billion have been successfully brokered through us.

In 4 steps to a successful sale

Experience selling investment properties easier than ever before.

Open user account

Create listing

Determine sales procedure

Sell property

Open user account

Open your own user account with just a few clicks, if you do not already have one. With this you will get access to the online marketplace and can advertise properties for sale.

Create listing

Create a meaningful listing with descriptions, pictures as well as with figures about the object. Upload important documents, which will be published anonymously.

Determine sales procedure

Determine whether you want to sell at a fixed price or in a bidding process. In both cases, a standardized and predefined process is available to you.

Sell property

Receive inquiries and purchase offers from interested parties directly via the platform. If a buyer meets all the criteria that are important to you, you can award the purchase contract directly online.

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Your benefits

There are many platforms for real estate advertisements. But there is only one transaction platform for investment properties.

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Listings especially for investment properties

Upload relevant documents

Address and document protection

Seller protection

Registered and verified buyers

Non-disclosure agreement

Sales process

Digital sales process

Fixed price or online bidding

Booking tool for viewing appointments

Chat function for requests



Free of charge for limited time


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We are happy to help you.


Write to us - by e-mail or via the chat function in your user account.