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To date, real estate worth over CHF 2,000,000,000 has been successfully brokered to investors.

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The amount of money you require for an investment in real estate depends on the chosen form of investment. When investing in real estate co-ownership via Crowdhouse, the minimum investment amount is CHF 100,000.

Real estate is a long-term investment, has a high stability of value and generates regular, constant and quantifiable income in the form of rental income. This makes them an attractive alternative to other asset classes.

There are basically two categories of real estate investments: direct and indirect real estate investments. Direct real estate investments include the classic sole purchase, real estate co-ownership and condominium ownership. Indirect real estate investments include real estate shares and real estate funds.

In the case of indirect real estate investments, the investor holds an interest in the property via a separate legal entity. However, the investor does not own the property.

With direct real estate investments, on the other hand, the investor owns the property and is entered in the land register. The investor participates directly in the performance of the property and the rental income.

With real estate co-ownership, several buyers or investors acquire one or more properties together. As a result, all co-owners are entered in the land register with their respective share and have a direct say in the property.

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Acquire Swiss real estate with other investors and earn money every month.

  • 4 - 6% return per year

  • Monthly payouts

  • Incl. property management and rental

  • Real ownership from CHF 100,000

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Buy and sell investment properties securely and discreetly via our partner platform.

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