Why invest in real estate?

The Swiss real estate market offers investors many advantages.

Stability and security

Switzerland is synonymous worldwide with political stability, economic security and reliable legal systems. These factors create an extremely robust environment for real estate investments and are ideal for investors looking for long-term stability.

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Monthly rental income

The high demand for residential space in Switzerland, coupled with a limited supply, can lead to attractive returns for investors. The solid economy and growing population are helping to ensure that rental income can be generated continuously.

Financial benefits

In an international comparison, investors in Switzerland benefit from relatively favorable financing options for real estate and moderate conditions for the taxation of capital gains and rental income.

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Long-term increase in value

Swiss real estate has shown a sustained increase in value, particularly in sought-after urban areas and tourist regions. The limited availability of building land and the strict building policy contribute to the fact that real estate increases in value over time. This trend is likely to continue in the future.

High quality of life

Switzerland is known worldwide for its high quality of life. Investing in real estate in Switzerland not only offers financial benefits, but also the opportunity to benefit from the excellent infrastructure, education system, healthcare and generally high standard of living.

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Portfolio diversification

Co-ownership of Swiss real estate in particular offers investors the opportunity to easily diversify their portfolio and protect themselves against risks in other markets. The stability of the Swiss real estate market can be a useful addition to other asset classes.

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