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Sell your property to one of the largest and most powerful buyers of investment properties in Switzerland.

  • Apartment buildings, commercial and building land
  • Real estate in the whole of German-speaking Switzerland
  • Volume between CHF 3 and 15 million
  • New and old buildings and projects


Contractual acceptance guarantee

Crowdhouse assures you the complete transaction of your investment property within a timely and contractually fixed period.


Purchase price in line with the market

We have your property valued by external experts and guarantee you a fair market purchase price based on this.


Expeditious processing

We decide quickly and give you immediate feedback on your property with a possible binding purchase offer.

Successfully purchased

Selection of investment properties purchased by us.

This is how it works

From the assessment of your property to the binding purchase.

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We acquire existing multi-family homes and commercial properties, suitable building land with or without a project, or properties under construction.

Properties in good micro-locations within attractive macro-locations in German-speaking Switzerland. These also include up-and-coming B and C locations with potential.

We acquire properties provided that the desired sales price is within the range of the market value assessments carried out by us and our valuation partners.

Residential properties of 6 units or more with a commercial component of less than 20% and commercial properties with long-term anchor tenants.

New and existing buildings in both renovated and non-renovated condition, as well as projects planned and under construction.

The purchase price for your property ideally ranges between CHF 3 and CHF 15 million.

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