Global co-investing in real estate for HNWIs

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Big opportunities

$250 billion industry

Real estate crowdinvesting is on track to become a $250 billion industry by 2030 and offers huge growth opportunities around the globe.

Globally scalable

Tailored to your market

No matter where you operate. Our crowdhouse concept can be adapted to all local market requirements and make you instantly competitive anywhere.

Completely digital

360° Software solution

Thanks to our established co-investing software solutions and predefined processes, you operate completely digitally along the entire value chain.

Established branding

Made in Switzerland

Crowdhouse is the leading real estate crowdinvesting platform in Europe. From day one, you benefit from the strong reputation we have built up over years.

What makes our model attractive for HNWI Investors?

When targeting High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) investors, Crowdhouse offers a distinct and appealing model. We tackle the common issues faced in real estate investment. 

Typical Problems when Investing in Real Estate

Higher Tickets per Deal (EUR 5M+)

  • Limited deal access, dependent on local contacts
  • Local, hard to invest in other markets
  • Slow and cumbersome offline process
  • Difficult to access reliable data

Crowdhouse co-investing Benefits

Lower Tickets per Deal (EUR 100K+)

  • Internet-based deal access, less dependent
  • Globally connected markets
  • Guided by professionals, efficient through software
  • Full transparency on market data

The #1 in European real estate co-investing

Crowdhouse is the leading real estate crowdinvesting platform in Europe. Take your chance to add a new chapter to this amazing success story!

Made in Switzerland

Crowdhouse was founded in 2015 by Robert Plantak and Ardian Gjeloshi. In less than 8 years, the former start-up has established itself as the largest real estate co-investing provider in Europe and, against all odds, has established real estate co-investing as a popular investment alternative in the Swiss market. It is now time to continue this success story internationally.

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