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Immobilie kaufen und verkaufenImmobilie kaufen und verkaufen
Immobilie kaufen und verkaufenImmobilie kaufen und verkaufen

Your market for Swiss investment properties

Buy and sell multi-family houses, commercial properties and building land easily online.

On our platform you get access to all properties in co-ownership and sole ownership

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We connect. Data-based.

For every property there is the right buyer and for every buyer the right property. Our job is to make that connection. Uncomplicated, efficient and without babbling. 

Thanks to our unique technology, our transactions are more efficient and successful than the traditional way.

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Buy efficiently instead of searching forever

Some people spend half a lifetime looking for their dream property – and end up empty-handed. With Crowdhouse’s buyer profile, you leave the annoying search to our intelligent software and put yourself in pole position for the right property.

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Find the perfect buyer .

Our secret is simple: We rely on our self-developed sales platform for the brokerage of multifamily properties. We’ll be happy to handle the sale of your income property – or you can use our sales software and handle your deal yourself.

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Digital Transactions

We enable transactions of investment properties. We replace traditional paperwork with digital solutions that not only make life more convenient for all parties involved, but also significantly easier, more transparent and more efficient.

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The leading Swiss transaction platform

On Crowdhouse you will continuously find new investment properties

  • Exclusive real estate - only available with us
  • Fully and understandably documented
  • Can be acquired securely and efficiently with just a few clicks
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Get to know us!

We hold regular information events - online and live on site

Crowdhouse onboarding event: Swiss Real Estate in Co-ownership and Sole Ownership

01. Januar 1970

Crowdhouse onboarding event: Swiss Real Estate in Co-ownership and Sole Ownership

Whether you want to invest directly in real estate or buy multifamily houses - as the largest real estate ecosystem in Switzerland, Crowdhouse offers you new digital solutions. Learn more about it and clarify open questions at the onboarding event in your region.

Everything you need to make an informed decision

Buy and sell easily and efficiently on our innovative platform.

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  • Understandable financial and cost overview
  • Tracking of the transaction process
  • Integrated communication

Our properties are audited by the following independent partners

Full transparency. No surprises.

Thanks to the cockpit overview in your account, you always have an overview of your transactions and your portfolio

Immobilien kaufen und verkaufen
Immobilie kaufen und verkaufen

Some of our partners

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What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Buying Swiss Real Estate as a Swiss Citizen

Swiss citizens – whether residing in Switzerland or abroad – are generally entitled to purchase a residential property for rental. In the case of Swiss citizens residing abroad, the final decision as to whether a particular property can be purchased for rental is subject to the cantonal authorities.

Purchase of Swiss real estate as a non-Swiss citizen

If you are a foreign national residing in Switzerland, your center of life (residence) is in Switzerland, and you have a valid C or B permit, the purchase of a property for rental is not excluded.

The purchase process usually proceeds as follows:

  1. Evaluation of the available equity
  2. Search for suitable property
  3. Due diligence of the property
  4. Contract negotiation
  5. Obtaining a mortgage
  6.  Conclusion of contract
  7. Transfer of ownership

For more information on the process, please see below.

Swiss residential real estate is a sought-after investment and is suitable as a medium to long-term investment. Unlike other asset classes, the Swiss real estate market is relatively stable. 

For more information, please see below.

The most important aspects of selling a property are:

  1. Determination of the selling price
  2. Compilation of a sales documentation
  3. Developing the market image and advertising the property
  4. Viewing the property with prospective buyers
  5. Negotiation with the buyers & drawing up of the sales contract
  6. Conclusion of the contract with notarization and entry in the land register

You can find the whole process below.

A professional partner takes on time-consuming work and has the appropriate know-how and network. An independent real estate sale, on the other hand, can be more cost-effective.

You can find all the advantages and disadvantages of selling with a professional partner here.

A realistic sales value can be evaluated with a market value estimate. Usually, the capitalized earnings value method is used.

Crowdhouse applies three methods for the valuation of real estate:

  • the capitalization rate method (determination of the income value by means of the capitalization rate)
  • the net asset value (consisting of the land value and the current market value of the building)
  • the DCF approach (determination of value based on the discounted free cash flow at the time of valuation)

The following taxes and fees apply when selling a property:

  • Notary and land registry fees: These are usually borne equally by the buyer and the seller. They are regulated by cantonal law.
  • Property transfer tax: These are levied on the sale. The amount and existence of these taxes depend on the canton.
  • Real estate gains tax: This depends on the amount of the realized gain and the holding period of the property.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to support you personally at any time.

Crowdhouse - the marketplace for investment properties

Crowdhouse started in 2015 as a real estate crowdinvesting provider and has quickly established real estate co-ownership as an investment alternative in the Swiss real estate market. Over the past years, the company has evolved on various levels. Today, Crowdhouse is the largest and most significant Swiss transaction platform for income properties and offers digital solutions along the entire value chain.

Buy and sell investment properties

What originally started as a co-ownership platform is now a fully comprehensive marketplace for income properties. On you can easily buy multi-family homes, invest in real estate as well as sell income properties. With our free online valuation for multi-family houses and our professional property management, we also offer you additional services for your investment property.

Investment properties and everything that goes with it

We regularly publish up-to-date, informative and entertaining articles on the subject of income-producing real estate. For example, you can find out in our media center how to calculate gross yields, determine any real estate taxes such as real estate tax or property transfer tax, what to look out for in a real estate valuation or what the new money market mortgage SARON stands for.

Crowdhouse makes the transaction of investment properties easy

Today, more than 120 employees at Crowdhouse take care of our customers every day. Today, they include private and institutional buyers and sellers. On the other hand, there are also over 2000 tenants who are looked after by our professional property management team. Customers who buy real estate through Crowdhouse or sell it through Crowdhouse have high expectations. To meet them and to realize the best possible customer experience is both a claim and a motivation. Therefore, we conduct regular user tests, ask customers about their experience with Crowdhouse and welcome feedback and criticism.