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This is Crowdhouse

Our mission is to create international standards for investment properties. In doing so, we make transactions with investment properties more efficient, trustworthy, transparent and professional for all market participants. In short, we are revolutionizing how investment properties are bought and sold.


inhouse gym


roof top terrace with barbecue area and lounge

5 + 1

weeks of vacation plus company vacations

Our teams

Real Estate Acquisition & Distribution

The core competencies of our real estate acquisition & distribution team lie in the search for ideal properties for our investors as well as in the contact with clients and partners. In doing so, it constantly creates new and cultivates existing relationships.

Real Estate Investment Management

Our real estate investment management team analyzes and acquires suitable yielding properties on a daily basis, ensuring a suitable mortgage strategy.

Real Estate Transaction Management

Our real estate transaction management team of interdisciplinary specialists is responsible for the professional support of our real estate transactions. In doing so, it is in close contact with land registry offices, notaries and financing partners.

Real Estate Asset Management

The core tasks of our Real Estate Asset Management team are the leasing and maintenance of the income-producing properties we manage. In this way, it ensures that the owners achieve top returns.

Product & Technology

Our product & technology team consists of researchers, designers and developers. It develops new concepts, builds them into finished online products in an agile process, and ensures an optimal user experience.

Marketing & Communication

Our marketing & communication team makes our products and the offered investment properties known throughout Switzerland – this with videos, photos, 3D animations, texts and numerous other means.

Business Process Management & Business Intelligence

The core tasks of our business process management team are manifold. It evaluates business requirements, manages all processes and works out data-based improvement opportunities for them.

Legal, Compliance & Risk

Our legal, compliance & risk team implements regulatory processes and programs, develops and evaluates our corporate policies, and ensures that we comply with all legal as well as ethical regulations.


Our talent team has a very clear goal in mind: to identify high potentials, win them over for Crowdhouse and develop them further.

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We believe that exceptional performance is only possible with exceptional employees.

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Couldn't find a suitable position?

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Submit your initiative application directly to our talent team.

From application to offer

Our recruitment process varies somewhat depending on the hierarchical position. In principle, this includes the following steps:

1. Submit application

2. Online cultural interview

3. Onsite technical interview

4. Experience day

5. Offer

1. Submit application

To submit your application, all you need is a resume and the link to your LinkedIn profile. You will receive feedback within one week. If we are convinced by your documents, we will invite you to a first online interview with one of our Talent partners.

2. Online cultural interview

In the online interview we get to know each other. The aim is to get to know you as a person and to see if you fit our culture and if it fits you. If it suits both of us, we will invite you to an on-site interview.

3. Onsite technical interview

This interview will be conducted by your potential future supervisor. The focus is on technical questions as well as your knowledge and previous experience.

4. Experience day

During the experience day, we will show you our premises and you will get to know the team. You will be able to solve your first tasks in order to gain a direct insight into everyday working life. If it suits both sides, an offer will be made afterwards.

5. Offer

Welcome to the Crowdhouse team!

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Contact our talent team directly.