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CHF 4'490'000 – CHF 6'030'000

Our market value estimator provides an initial estimate in the form of a price range. The result can deviate up to 10% from the value of the property. Read more

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The initial price estimate is free of charge and absolutely non-binding. Your data will be treated with the utmost care and will never be disclosed to third parties.

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Our market value estimator calculates your request in real time. You will receive a first price estimate of your property immediately after submitting the form.


The algorithm is based on current transaction and market data and our many years of experience with income property transactions. 

Developed for investment properties

Unlike other online calculators, our market value estimator is not suitable for owner-occupied residential property but has been explicitly developed for investment properties. 

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Here you will find all the answers to the Crowdhouse price estimator.

This depends on several factors, especially how much data you provide and how accurate it is. The more precise your information is, the more accurately our price estimate can calculate a price range for you.

In the end, the price estimate provides you with an initial estimate in the form of a price range in which the market value of your property is located. In principle, the following applies to every property: Whether a determined market value is also effectively realizable, only becomes apparent in the concrete sales situation. For a well-founded determination of the market value, it is always advisable to carry out a detailed examination on the basis of several hundred data points. If you would like a well-founded determination of the market value of your property, we are at your disposal at any time. Learn more.

Our market value estimator is one of the few completely free online tools to estimate the price of a Swiss apartment building. Most other online tools either require a fee or are only suitable for estimating the price of owner-occupied residential property – primarily single-family homes or condominiums in condominium ownership. You do not need to create a user account to use our market value estimator. You will receive your result immediately after submitting the form.


Our market value estimator compares your property data with a comprehensive database of registered transaction data and other market-relevant factors (e.g. location quality, vacancy situation) in real time. Based on this comparison, the price estimator calculates a price range within which the value of your property is estimated.

In order for the price estimation to be able to estimate your property, the location (locality), the year of construction and the annual net rental income of the property are required as a minimum. Furthermore, we need your e-mail address so that we can send you the result.

With these basic data a very rudimentary estimation is possible. For a more accurate result, you can optionally add the following data:

  • Exact address of the property
  • Core renovations
  • Finishing standard

The more precise the data you provide, the more accurate the price estimate you will receive.

The market value estimator is suitable for existing or planned multi-family properties on Swiss ground where the commercial share is less than 5%.

The price estimator is not suitable for the following property types:

  • Single apartments in condominium ownership
  • Commercial properties
  • One- and two-family houses
  • vacation homes
  • Real estate abroad

You will receive the initial price estimate for your object immediately after submitting the form. The result will be displayed directly on your screen, in addition you will receive a summary of your initial price estimate as an e-mail.

This always depends on your individual sales situation. Normally, a well-founded market value assessment based on several hundred data points by a real estate expert is recommended. However, an automated initial price estimate can help you get a feel for the financial impact of selling your property.

No. Price estimates – no matter how detailed and elaborate – remain first and foremost just that: estimates. The effective market value is only ever determined in a concrete sales situation – namely when you have shaken hands and found a buyer for the price you have asked. Nevertheless, it is important to methodically determine the market value of a property in advance. Only in this way will you have a chance to sell your property efficiently and with confidence.

Yes. Crowdhouse assures you that data about you and the objects you have requested will be treated with the utmost discretion and care and will never be passed on to third parties. You can find detailed information in our privacy policy.

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Determine the current market value of your multi-family house with our online valuation

If you own a multi-family house, several situations require its valuation to determine its market value – for example, when you sell it or to determine the amount of taxes and insurance value. Depending on the situation, there are various offers and options available for valuing your multifamily property.

Get a free valuation

Various online providers offer free real estate valuation tools. However, this offer is mainly suitable for single-family homes and condominiums, as the parameters are optimized for home appraisals. Accordingly, most online tools are not designed for the estimation of a multi-family house.

The advantage of appraising with a free appraisal tool is that providing just a few key data is enough to quickly get an initial estimate of the market value. The disadvantage, however, is that no specific market value is listed in the result, but only a range in which the value of the property moves is given. 

Since a free appraisal of an apartment building does not give a specific market value, but rather a range, it is particularly suitable for getting a rough idea of the value of an apartment building – for example, if you are thinking of selling your apartment building or even purely out of interest.

Independent appraisers perform an appraisal for your apartment building

If you want to estimate the market value of an apartment building as accurately as possible, it is advisable to have an appraisal performed by an independent appraiser. In addition to taking into account static data – such as the micro and macro location of the apartment building – all relevant documents – such as the cadastral plan, land register excerpt and tenant schedule – are reviewed here and the apartment building is inspected on site.

Based on this data, a detailed report is generated. In this report, not only the specific market value of the apartment building is shown, but the apartment building is also examined from all aspects.

What does the appraisal of an apartment building cost?

As a rule, the appraisal of a multi-family house via online tools is free of charge. However, there are also paid online tools for the valuation of an apartment building. In these paid variants, the appraisals are based on databases that are more concrete than those databases in free appraisals.

The cost of an appraisal of an apartment building by an independent appraiser varies depending on the property and the provider. The cost is usually in the range of CHF 10,000.

Have an apartment building appraised: How do market value and sales price differ?

The market value is an estimate of the actual value of an apartment building and is usually based on the market value or sales price of comparable apartment buildings in the region. Various factors such as location, development and floor plan are taken into account.

The sales price, on the other hand, is the price actually achieved by the seller and buyer.

How to calculate the value of an apartment building

The value of an apartment building can be calculated using various methods. The most common methods of valuation are the discounted cash flow method (DCF method), the capitalized earnings value method and the hedonic valuation method. Other valuation methods include the real value method, the tax value method, and the building insurance value method. 

The income capitalization approach is often used to value a multifamily property. In this method, the income is compared to the expenses. The resulting balance, the rental income, is capitalized at a specific interest rate and converted to a net present value. The discount or capitalization rate to be applied can be determined in a variety of ways. Common are:

  • analytical procedures based on market data
  • synthetic procedures based on the opportunity cost principle
  • Derivation of interest rates from equity and debt capital
  • Determination of the discount rate by means of statistical analysis of transactions 

In general, the lower the general interest rate level, the higher the value of the property.

For more information on the procedures, see the blog article “Real Estate Valuation or “How much is my property worth?”